Who We Are

The London Police Association is a union equivalent labour organization representing over 800 members of the London Police Service. The LPA was formed in 1947 to represent and protect the Police Officers and Civilian staff of the London Police Service. The LPA ensures the Service remains fiscally competitive, improves working conditions for our members, and promotes the mutual interests of the Active Membership.

The LPA offers a variety of services and benefits to our Members including:

  • Negotiating salaries and terms of employment through collective bargaining.
  • Protecting our Members in disputes involving the collective bargaining agreement that governs our Member’s employment.
  • Provide a number of different benefits, such as legal representation and advice.
  • Collect and allocate funds for charitable giving in our community.

Members of the LPA work tirelessly to protect and serve the community in which they live. The overarching goal of the LPA is to advocate for these brave men and women and ensure they are protected and valued by both the stakeholders who govern them, and the people they serve.

LPA in the Community:

The London Police Association collects and allocates charitable donations every year through partnerships with local businesses, charities, and non-profits. The LPA has long-standing relationships with registered charitable organizations in London such as United Way and the Special Olympics. Every year the LPA donates tens of thousands of dollars, generously contributed by our members.

Our members also support our community by volunteering as individuals and holding leadership positions on boards like The Boys and Girls Club of London, the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex, the St. Leonard’s Community and many more. The LPA is proud of the work our Association does both collectively as an organization and the work members do independently to support the London community.


The Association is owned and operated by the Active Membership. Members are elected by the General Membership to structure an Executive Board of Directors and serve 3-year terms. This elective Board employs a full-time Executive Director and Administrator.