The London Police Association commends the professionalism of our members in handling the dramatic increase in loaded weapons found on subjects in London.

London, ON, April 14th, 2021 – On March 25th, the London Police Service released their Annual Use of Force Statistical Report summarizing use of force incidents in 2020. The report documented a staggering 167% increase in incidents involving subject(s) carrying a firearm. Despite this dramatic increase, officers maintained their professionalism and commitment to the protection of Londoners. Of the 105,257 calls for service that LPA members responded to last year, use of force was only used in 0.2% of them. This low percentage of use of force incidents is inflated by the compassionate euthanization of animals in distress. Not one single interaction between an LPA member and the public resulted in the discharge of an LPA member’s firearm.

As an Association, we often highlight our members’ individual achievements. While we will continue to draw attention to individual members, we believe that this report highlights the work that LPA members are doing, as a collective, to serve our community. Officers are regularly stepping into harm’s way to serve our community. We admire the work that they are doing to keep our community safe and keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. We hope that this report will serve as further evidence that the people of London can feel confident that they will have positive interactions with members of the LPA and can feel safe in their dealings with us.

We have more work to do to serve our members and our community, but this report shows the commitment that officers have to Londoners. We hope you will continue your steadfast support of the LPA and our members. 

Quick Facts:

  • In 2020, LPS officers were involved in 105,257 occurrences resulting in 5379 arrests and mental health apprehensions. Of those incidents, 4.37% involved a report in which force was reportedly used. Use of force was reportedly used is 0.2% of all calls for service.


  • The number of incidents where subject(s) were armed with a firearm rose significantly in 2020 over 2019. The total number of incidents involving the subject(s) carrying a firearm went up from 39 to 104a 167% increase.


  • In 2020, there were zero interactions with members of the public where a London Police Service member discharged their firearm.


  • Of the 274 reported incidents during 2020, 36 resulted in some level of injury to the subject, and 8 resulted in injury to officers. All injuries listed were coded as minor in nature.